Dream Weaving

 This is an invitation to become a Dream Weaver, and open a gateway to your deepest self where you use your dreams to navigate your life more consciously. By mastering our dreams and our ability to weave the threads our dreams reveal, we raise our awareness and consciousness, transforming ourselves, and the world around us. 

Friday 19 August 2022
9:30am to 4:00pm
$180 | place

Our ceremonial workshop is a full-day experience with Alis Anagnostakis (Ph.D) journeying into the work of Robert Moss and Caroline Myss

Alis will weave and drum for us a realm where modern science meets ancient shamanism. Together we will explore the dream types and their messaging; we will learn Robert Moss’ Lightning Dreamwork Game – a short, simple process to gain deeper insight into your dreams and inspire action in the world; as well as learn techniques to find meaning in, be active in, and even re-enter, your dreams.

Complementing this we will be guided into “Sacred Contracts” – the work of Caroline Myss, looking at how we can recognise the archetypes which speak to our soul’s mission in this life, and use them as guides to make conscious decisions on our paths. We will cast an Archetypal Chart of Origin where you place your chosen archetypes into the houses of the zodiac, then reflect on what that means in this moment in your life. Then we journey deep with a single resonant archetype and bring back some wisdom to serve us on the way. It’s a truly beautiful and soul enriching process.

Alis is the founder of the Vertical Development Institute developing wiser, more conscious leaders. The signal of vertical development is a “fundamental evolution in the worldview itself. It comes about when we can LOOK AT a mindset we were before LOOKING THROUGH.” Alis is a top shelf facilitator and executive coach (PCC), one of those truly cool humans and an authorised teacher of Active Dreaming. She trained and practiced with Master Dream Weaver, Robert Moss. Robert is the pioneer of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of shamanism and modern dreamwork. We are excited and honoured to be presenting this magical event.

Hosted on sacred country on the Sunshine Coast hinterland 5 minutes from Eumundi at a raw ceremonial venue, we will take care of you with delicious, conscious food. Your investment is $180 or contact us about an alternative exchange. You will receive an info pack with details of the event address, what to bring, and the prework closer to the event.

This is a circle for those who want to connect with their innermost wisdom and work consciously with the soul of things—re-igniting the importance of dreaming in our daily lives. Our dreaming is a powerful source of insight and inspiration in our waking life.

 Sweet dreams are made of this.
Annie Lennox

Thank you so much Alis for bringing dreaming into our lives. And thank you Robert for bringing dreaming to Alis. At our first workshop in June 2019 held at Kupidabin Winderness on sacred country in the Samford Valley, the dreaming of the local tribe Garumngar was certainly felt as was the spirit of magic and play from the many visitors that imprint on the place.

As we sat around the fire, we listened deeply to stories, were taken by the drum, and explored the fantastic possibility that the imaginal holds. I am quietly blown away by such a gentle approach to awareness and change.

Bring on the dreaming council dreaming for the world! Imagine the flow that would come from businesses dreaming together on purpose.Thank you Viorel for nourishing up so well. That jar of magic!

Join us.

 In loving service

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