We believe ceremony is a potent way to ignite the wonder, magic and healing in everything we do.
We share a variety of ceremonies that are curated especially for your event or pre-imagined experiences available for exchange through our market. There are many ways to explore, commune, connect, transform and heal. The underlying power for this coming from our awareness of how we play and pray.
As ceremonialists and musicians, we serve by curating and activating sacred spaces to bring through this medicine and we are privileged to share this with you.
Light Labyrinths
We can create light labyrinths for your event.
Ceremonial Play
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when the drum sings, spirit dances

A sacred journey is our term for what are traditionally known in many cultures as Rites of Passage. And we believe this is an apt term for the everyday lives we are experiencing. On a holistic level, we can can view our entire life experience, from birth to death, from what comes before, to that which endures after, as a sacred journey. Shared on this page are our learnings on Rites of Passage and some of the ceremonies we have created to support people across all stages of their sacred journeys. 

There are infinite ways to experience ceremonial exploration, healing and transformation. Shared on this page are some of the modalities we have used in our ceremonies and guides on how you can bring your own gifts to your everyday sacred practice.

Any act carried out with heart felt intention and attention is sacred work, be it in your home, in the garden, out in nature, even in the office. The smallest of ceremonial acts can bring to life the energy of any workplace or workspace. Shared on this page are some of the ceremonies we have created around manifesting your gifts within your workplace/space.

Have you ever considered what it means to you to truly express your self? Shared on this page are the courses we have created to support the most vital of all journeys – discovering how you play and pray your own way.