I invite fire to dance.

 The spirit of fire that dances with a beeswax candle is as divine as the magical creators and the healing nectar it once contained. 

Candlelit Ceremonies

As a maven of ceremony, on an auspicious moon before an occasion, I make a candle for everyone joining the circle.

I make ceremonial candles from beeswax and source the best quality, pure-hearted regenerative practice wax I can find. Yes, it’s an investment – it should be! Purity is an honouring in ceremony and ritual. The spirit of fire that dances with a beeswax candle is as divine as the magical creatures and the healing nectar it once contained. The deep honey glowing light—like sunlight—sets the tone for a sacred space, and the soothing natural aroma freshens and clears the air of spores, odour and dust. No soot, no staining smoke, and no toxins from beeswax. It burns clean and balancing the positive ions from all the appliances around us, it elevates our mood, and takes away our stresses.

I make them in jars. I remember my little brothers first gig as altar boy, when he put the sacred candle next to the dried flower arrangement and Holy Moses! Suddenly there was a burning bush! It is so important to respect the flame and stay in sacred relationship with it at all stages of your work. Prepare the space you will be using fire in, and manage it and the interactions with other elements and people. Only have open flames where you have complete control. Use jars, or even battery powered candles, if you have a lot of flames or a space you cannot control.

The absolute best moon to create beeswax candles on is a spring moon when the flowers are most abundant—so if you have the space make them all at once at this time of year.

We light the candles as we open our ceremonial space and we put them out with reverence at the end. We can all reignite them and go back into that ceremonial space whenever we want.

To create this very sacred tool, I get clear on my intention—drawing on honey bee medicine, which is about creating abundantly. The bees work diligently together in groups. They find the sweet spot. They stop to smell the roses. They are always producing and pollinating and progressing. They have a very strong work ethic. They create a better world. They are amazing architects and builders. They are mindful, dedicated, never overwhelmed or overextended because they are a true cooperative.

Across all traditions, the bee is central in story and myth. I draw on the belief that bees are able to travel to the other world and bring back messenges from the Gods. I draw on the belief that they teach us balance with a busy busy life, they stop to appreciate the scenery breathing in the beauty of nature while collecting their nectar while pollinating our food supply.

They are tiny but very powerful.  Apart from the most wholesome sweet gift of powerful medicines in honey—food of the gods—and the wax, they are the reason we have food on this planet.

I thank the sacred bee and all they give. In service to this powerful and harmonious medicine, I make our candles as an invitation for the spirit of fire to come and dance…and from this dance we in turn progress and produce and pollinate our own magic.

If you would like me to create a bespoke candlelit ceremony for you, just message me with your vision. At least (2) months lead time is required, and each candlelit ceremony is unique in its design. I have created candlelit ceremonies for births, mothers blessings, ceremony circles, funerals and memorials—all different numbers, themes and auspicious occasions.

 In loving service

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