Is your workspace alive?

Our workspace is the epicentre for our life’s work. The vortex for the magic we bring to the world.

Our space is the vehicle for creating impact in the world. The energy of the space where you do your work, affects the work itself…it affects what you produce, how you perform, the influence you have, the impact you have, and how easy it is. 

Your workspace and everything in it has a physical imprint of you and is a mirror of your state of being. Your intention. We draw inspiration from what surrounds us and being intentional and nurturing the energy we bring to our workspace, brings that energy to our work. Is yours a living, breathing space? Is it alive? Is it sacred? What is your imprint?

Quantum Science is revealing the deepest truths of spirit and energy. It describes the observer effect…where the very observation of something changes the something being observed. So, if you observe the energy in your workspace, and observe how you wish to energise, or enhance it, you change the energy of your work. Your space, your work and you…elevate. 

Everything is connected, constantly changing energy that we can feel as frequencies. Our workspaces have a bandwidth of these energetic frequencies, and this is a journey of aligning to this bandwidth, of tuning in as you would to find a radio station. Just using skills, a big brain, or ticking off actions will no longer cut it.

We need our workspace to be a clear intentional channel that very effectively conducts energy and we can explore and produce with ease. A space we are happy to be in. The work easier becomes easier. The communication becomes clearer, and the work becomes inspired and full of energy and life…and it is contagious. To nurture this energy from the inside out has a huge effect on our ability to create influence and impact, to instil trust in our movement and to intentionally vibrate that frequency and lead our own personal revolution. 

Once a strong signal, or connection with your workspace bandwidth is established, you can begin to define and refine the program you wish to broadcast…this radio station…this bandwidth…our unique set of frequencies IS our life’s work.

This is an invitation to a 40-day ceremonial process “An Energetic Workspace” where we journey through a blueprint for clearing, making intentional and energising the space you work in. This is a mini-quest to an energetic work space to support you delivering what it is you want to deliver to the world. To be intentional about the energy you bring to the table. To lead energetically.

Every ancient culture used space clearing techniques, to create greater harmony and clarity in a living space. These forgotten ceremonies bring vitality and change the energy which changes you. We will infuse shamanic methods into our modern place of work and energise your workspace and you energise your work.

Once you begin paying attention to the specific ways your environment can enhance or inhibit your productivity and creativity, you’ll be able to identify and remove the things that are blocking you and set up an awesome workspace for yourself. This journey will connect you to your workspace, it will purify and arrange, minimise, atomise, intend energise and ritualise. Your mission will become visible and your work on purpose.

Remember, the spirit of this deepest connection is not meant to be understood by the mind. Form becomes the manifestation of hearts desire.

  The spirit of this deepest connection is not meant to be understood by the mind. Form becomes the manifestation of hearts desire.


The JOURNEY is the way, the experience, the way through an experience. It has become a metaphor for the experience of living life with all its ups and downs.

The ENERGETIC is all the energy — alive, spirited, potent, bright and full of heart.

The WORKSPACE is your space to do the work. It can be a physical place, a virtual place, it can be several places and types of spaces. It is the container for your life’s work.

So this is the way to a spirited place. The experience of potent, full of heart work. I like to think of it as holy ground. The set and setting for your life’s work. The sacred altar on which you conjure forth your magic. A place of devotion and honour. Our intention for this journey and this blueprint is that our life’s work is elevated by taking care of…touching the soul of our workspace.


Our 40-day journey to an energetic workspace starts with connection. We open the circle, we open our hearts, we open to new dimensions, we connect in and we begin our preparation.

Connect with your workspace. Start a conversation. Look deeply into your space.

What do you see? How do you feel?

Does it have a sense of potency? Is it intentional?

Are you bringing through your magic here? 

What isn’t working? What is incomplete?

Ask into your future. 

Ask how you can work together.

What goes where?

How do you feel?

How do you behave?

What does your space need from you?

If a stranger walked into your workspace, what would they sense? Would they immediately know what is your life’s work? Your gift? Your magic?


Start by cleansing yourself. Do what you do to get into a high vibe. Clean your body.

Clear your space.
Be it a physical, virtual or even an imaginal space, dreamtime, change the composition of the airwaves, the vibe. Use smoke, sound, music you love, mist, sun, intention, the elements, nature. Open yourself to the possibility there are forgotten rituals and ceremonies waiting in the ether for you to remember; try to remember your forgotten ceremonies. As you clear…radiate your intention into this living space. Breathe the space. Everything is alive and connected and responding to our intention. Make this space your sanctuary.

Consolidate projects.
Collect together big projects that need time. Don’t try and solve or organise, just contain them, like in a box, on a data drive, in the cloud, or a storage facility.

Refine your space.
With a strong focus on your life’s work, clean out your drawers, all your paperwork, your digital space, all your work stuff.  If you don’t use it or love it, thank it and release it. Only keep books you intend to open. Unsubscribe actively from feeds and subscriptions. Tidy your desktop. Scan what has to be kept, so you can clear old paperwork. Do your finances. Write the unwritten. Remove that which distracts you. Minimise. Atomise. Alchemise.

Deep clean everything.
Especially windows and screens. Clean your space with purpose. Leave no debris. It’s like a healing. Be mindful as you are cleaning that you are stabilising the emotional energy. Be aware that cleaning, or cleansing, does not mean controlling the space, making sterile, or making perfect. The cycle of creation begins and ends with the death, or release, of things to make way for the messy fun of bringing ideas to life; what you are doing here is a rhythmic reset, to a deeply connected harmony with your space, that you will do again and again as part of a greater ongoing rhythm.


Consciously arrange your space. 
Everything has consciousness. Give your arrangement much consideration. Place everything on purpose. Make it comfortable. Arrangement is personal – some people will function best in a highly organised pure space, and others with creative inspiration all around them. Maybe you use a standing desk. A beautiful glass water carafe. Is there enough elegant storage? Plants for concentration. What colour energises you? Lighting? Do you infuse scent into your conscious arrangement.

Tools you need.
Speaker. Sketch paper to brainstorm. Coloured pencils. The perfect laptop satchel. A clean car. Nourishment.

Everything functions. 
Are all your pens working? Is your desk the right height and size. Is your software up to date? Is what you need at arms length.


To intend.
Is To design something for a purpose. A desire. A wish.

Surrounded by inspiration.
Surround yourself with the things that inspire you. Inspiration on the walls, on your desktop. Your phone apps arrange to align with your life’s work. Ceremony. Creativity. Colour.

A mirror of your life’s work. Is it clear to you and to all those you work with what your life’s work is? Make your space a mirror – of your beliefs, spirit and passion, your meaning. Use symbols and cues and elements that make you smile, that are rituals. It is crystal clear why you are here.

Everyday altar.
Set your space like it is an everyday altar. Your most reverent and inspiring things consciously placed.

Workspace integrity.
Infuse your workspace with some cosmic order. Put in place whatever systems, movement and mechanics you need.


Enchantment means a feeling of great pleasure and attraction, especially because something is very beautiful. It’s a quality that attracts and holds your attention by being interesting. A magic prayer. A sacred spell.

What is your enchantment?

Your incantation for a conscious arrival in your workspace?

What is your sacred daily practice…

your truly magical ceremony for your life’s work…

your prayer.

Write down what comes to you. [song]

How do you tune in to your workspace? 

What is the best way to bring your focus to your work.

Do you breathe your space?

How do you tune out?

How do you tune in your life’s work?

How do you tune into your spirit helpers?

Is there a voice?

Is there an archetype?

How do you restore the harmonious energy.

How do you tune into your body?

How do you honour?

How you allow nature to move through you?

How do you bring in the elements? Plants, flowers, rocks, the magic of fire, water..

How do you nourish yourself and your space.

Do you honour the directions, the seasons?

Do you honour your ancestors?

God. Great Spirit. One. None.

How do you sense?

Is there song? Chimes. Chanting?

Is this a dance? A scent?

What colours do you see?

How do you look into the imaginal?

How to you move beyond ordinary thinking. Boundless possibility

What is your promise?

How do you transmit?

How do you become the transmitter of this promise.

What is your practice to consciously energise your space.

Raise your vibration an let your spirit take flight. 

Your magic rippling outward.

Write that instruction!  From this exercise, you can design or refine your practice, your prayer. You can practice this conscious energising every day when you start work.


Life is easier when we fall into flow with the cycles of nature. To do this we move from a me focus to a we focus and remember that all of life is part of a larger connected whole.

We are not separate from the earth, rather we are part of it, we are her guardians. Remember and surrender to our cyclic nature.

The key is planning. Planning is an organisational and systemic system of intention. Planning has enormous spiritual power.

Do we do it once,

As a daily practice

Each monthly moon


Or every year?


What is your rhythm?

Consider your ebb and flow.

Are you early or late, fast or slow, predictable or random?

What do you do every year, every season, every moon, every week, every day?

Do you have seasonal rituals? What season do you prefer?

Are you Monday to Friday…financial quarters….school year….oriented?

Do you plan around menstrual cycles.

What is your sacred work practice?

Your life’s work is a boundless journey of transformation with daily practice. At its core of our life’s work is daily practice.

First thing every morning, restore your space energetics.

Own a bowl, a glass, a cup and wash them by hand.

Schedule housekeeping. Schedule nature.

Sustain and protect your space.  Give it regular energy.  Stay intentional.

Have guards and guardians.  Habits and rituals powered by meaning.

What is your connection rituals.

Rituals around connections and meetings and how you schedule them.

Standing meetings. How do you take care of meetings? How do you cater? How do you nourish? How to you open and close a gathering? How do you honour those who have gathered?

How we can be of service

Every mission is as different as the human host, so every work space energising is a custom process. Message us to find out how we can be in service and hold you on this journey as an individual, or to corporate groups and larger workplaces. This is a great exercise as a work group to do before an occasion like an annual summit.


 In loving service

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