What is a Journey Guardian?

 We are being called to our true nature. Our original pure essence that can be felt. To live a life where we shine. A life where we express the gift we bring. A life where we generously and joyfully deliver our unique medicine to the world. 

As a Journey Guardian, we take responsibility for taking care and protecting you on your journey of transformation. This is for you if you are embarking on a personal healing journey. You may be looking to find your truth, to grow, to heal, to thrive and be free and in-spirited. To move beyond your story. To become aware of your beliefs. To release. To find love over fear. To be aware. To re-create relevance. To be grateful for your life. To find peace.

A Journey Guardianship is personal one-on-one sessions that guide you through preparing for your journey, setting clear intentions, the sacred ceremony that expands your state of consciousness, and interpretation and integration of what emerges from this state. The sessions are conducted in person or by video meeting.

What are you seeking from your journey?

A journey for us is in three parts beginning with preparation, then the ceremony or journey and integration. 

(1) hour session

Your journey begins here. This is a one-hour ceremonial session designed to set intentions and to gain clarity on what you are navigating and what you desire from your journey. You will create a plan to be intentional in your preparation. This may include choosing what type of ceremony, journey or medicine and the dose if you haven’t already. You may design a dieta planning how you will nourish and care for yourself before, during and after your journey. It will include you attending to your mindset and the setting of your journey making sure you in a are safe and comfortable container. What do you want to work on and how? What are you expecting?

(your choice of ceremony type)

The journey you chose, whether it be lotion or potion, shamanic drumming, meditation, breathwork, dreaming or plant medicines, individual or as part of a group, the sacred ceremony is intense energy that expands our consciousness. In this state we have access to wisdom that we don’t access in the normal world. We facilitate or find a quality aligned facilitator/practitioner, hold space and be on guard for this experience, without interfering. We believe you are your own guide, you are the healer, you have wisdom and remembering that you need. Modalities of Ceremony that we work with are as follows. You may chose one or a combination. 

  • Shamanic Drumming
  • Active Dreaming
  • Consciousness Altering Medicines
  • Body work
  • Breath work
  • Energy work
  • Sound Healing
  • Rites of Passage

3 x (1) hour sessions

In the hours, days, weeks, and months following your consciousness expanding experience, integration is a process of learning how to live with a new understanding of the self and others. By sharing your experience, it brings clarity to what you are releasing or moving through, which brings awareness allowing you to recognise and create ways of being that align with what you desire. This is a way to use the lessons from your experience to implement positive change.

Directly after the journey we will guard you gracefully in a ceremonial space through your integration process. To integrate well is to take the wisdom and insight from your experience and turn it into meaningful lasting change in your everyday life. With a focus on grounding and embodiment, self-developed practices and rituals and drawing on modalities of nature, nurture, we will help you to extend the power of your experience into your everyday life. 

  • Contemplative reflection on the revelations from your journey
  • Explore beliefs and deepening awareness of inner self through the most of ancient of traditions – intentional journalling.
  • Make an actionable plan (incantation) that we bear witness to. You will identify your beliefs and what drives and triggers your behaviours and emotions and finding create ways to enhance or influence. We will track progress as we moving towards goals and you take accountability for making lasting change.
  • Contination of medicinal microdosing


40 Days and 40 Nights is a personal healing journey with 80 guided ceremonial processes to consciously integrate and bring yourself home after a life-changing experience.

The program has an accompanying journal designed a to keep a sacred record and accumulate your reflections and revelations as you journey through your integration process so that these lessons can be used to implement positive change.


Every week we host “Share” which is an Integration Circle specific to plant medicine where we gather ceremonially and privately in a sacred conversation and share our journeys and how we are integrating them into our everyday life. These trusted circles keep us connected to the medicine, our experience and our tribe. As you bring voice to your experience, you connect more deeply to yourself and community. It always amazing me how the pieces fall into place for us as we listen to the experience of other journeyers in circle, as we help each other creatively to implement life changes, ideas are reflected back and as the circle holds you through things that are difficult to process. And we celebrate our wins! 


Our experience as guardians has come from our own integration of many-a-ceremony, and our work in service supporting others before, during and after life-changing psychedelic experiences.

This work draws on our work with masters of ceremonial craft and healing modalities, many suns life coaching and mentoring life coaches, a great variety of ideas, rites of passage facilitation, deep personal development, different techniques and experience in the creation and delivery of intensive personal development programs.

As guardians and practitioners, we walk our talk. We practice the courage facing our own lives. We surrender and immerse into our methods as an organisation and on our personal life’s journey. We commit to doing our own inner work, study, purifications and blessings so that we can be of the highest service this powerful call. 

We have integrated our knowledge and experience into this model of guardianship. All that we offer is an self-guided and self-healing alternative to therapy—it is not therapy. You can do any part of the journey, but the format we recommend the full guardianship for the best results. These processes increase the chances of a personal journey that leads to lasting, positive, and meaningful change. If anything surfaces that is best served through professional therapy, we will find a suitable practitioner together.

Each hour we attend to your journey the exchange is $111. You can have a single session, or we recommend (1) session for intention setting, and at least (3) sessions for integration.

 Trust in your life and why you are here, trust in this moment. Live your truth and purpose of what you were born. Bring about your way of life you desire. We will hold you as you remember your light. Let’s find the way home to your source of pure being together. 

 In loving service

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