40 days and 40 nights

40 Days and 40 Nights is a personal healing journey with 80 guided ceremonial processes to consciously integrate and bring yourself home after a life-changing experience.

Integration is the intentional exploration and embodiment of our profound experience. We walk through the door opened by our experience, and with meaning and reverence, we engage in deep work. Awakening and healing through the deepening of our awareness, we become more aligned with the sacred flow of our life. Our process is to allow our new awareness to become part of our everyday. One breath at a time.

It can greatly support us to recognise and accept that the seemingly inexplicable energies of the extra-ordinary are all present in and around us in our everyday ‘ordinary’ world—the forces of the divine are available to us in the forces of nature. Spending time in nature reaffirms and strengthens our connection and aids us in transforming the divine state of our experience into the daily practice of creating positive behaviours and traits which become a lasting part of who we are.

No one can experience your profound experience. It is yours alone, as is your integration, which is equally profound. You will never be the same. It cannot be rewound, it is here, now, out in the open, and it rarely sits quietly with our existing story about ourselves. This is a healing journey for your body, mind and spirit to move through, to dance with, all that arises. It may not unfurl in a straight line, nor at a steady pace, it may seem all blacks and whites, rights and wrongs, us and the

Remember to breathe, your timing is your own, and everything is a spectrum. Be your own guide, for your own life, your own revelations, your own way. If you miss a day, or you want to stay in a process for a longer time, then do that.

The highest invitation is to take care of your integration, to give it conscious attention. To be the person you were born to be. The true you. To feel good, to find deep connection through intimate awareness and to live from this place. This is a process, a movement through you, an ecstatic flow towards wholeness. A slow, subtle adjustment of what we believe, how we live those beliefs and bring them into the greater world.

To become who you are becoming, one moment at a time, one revelation at a time. Only you can decide who you are becoming and move toward the life you want.

Integration is a lifelong practice, and it must be practiced. We are always integrating, always realising. The heroic journey is an eternal archetypal cycle anchored deep in our collective conscience. By consciously undertaking our heroic journeys we are consciously exploring and redefining our reality.

This work is for you if you want true engagement with your own magic and the wonder of the world around you. Are you are ready to move into your own sacred temple?

Together and alone. We do this work as individuals, though we don’t do this work alone. We are part of a living consciousness. Everything is energy, and we are energetically part of the greater flow. We can extend our awareness into this flow to experience profound insight into the nature of the universe and our existence. We can also call on these divine energies for support, inspiration, and guidance.

We must consciously and creatively invite energetic assistance. Bring beauty, power, gratitude and grace to our energetic field, trusting our intuition and leaning into the support of our ancestors, teachers and elders. They come to us, in spirit, in dreams, as people and events in our lives. As we refine our relationships with them, we become more discerning with what is for us, what we really need.

A focus on integration expands our awareness and therefore our consciousness. A daily practice of seeking, connecting, accepting, adjusting, and weaving our reality. We become comfortable with what is mirrored back to us, and gain clarity about what to work on. It becomes normal for us to question into our beliefs and forgive our trespasses, when we witness behaviour that is not lining up with who we truly are and what we truly desire. We become resilient, laser focussed in our intentions, and free to feel the power of our presence.

Every day, in every way, we lovingly hone our ability to create and hold space for our true divinity across the full spectrum of our experience.

Be gentle with yourself. Be compassionate. Pay attention. Raise the curtains.

Let your music play. Let your spirit dance.

Let your magic happen.

When you join this ceremonial circle you become a member of a sacred tribe. Kindred souls who have experienced something life changing—a profound event, a rite of passage, a paradigm shift. A dance with the divine. A direct experience of the sacred, the source of all. A major life change. An experience of death, spiritually, mentally, emotionally. The loss of a loved one. A sacred medicine journey. An experience that is out of the ordinary, extra-ordinary. An experience that has altered your state of consciousness.

Your tribe gathers in this ceremonial container, making the choice alongside you, to join this ceremony, and to heal. By actively integrating our experiences we bring sacred meaning to the event and create real changes in our lives and the world around us. On an energetic level, the universe is a shared field, a super consciousness. As is this circle, this song, we are co-creating. We make, play, and dance to, this music together. Weaving our intentions, conducting the energy of this circle…like an orchestra.

This attention we give to our ourselves generates attention to our entire ecosystem. The sacred music of our play and prayer affects all. Songs of remembering, songs of coming home.

May we remember. Since the dawn of time, our ancestors have used ceremony to stay commune with nature following the cycles of the sun and moon to source food and water, for birthing, burying, dreaming, innovating. Ceremonial, or sacred, practice is less about what we are doing, or are using, and much more about how connected we are, to why we are doing it, what we are feeling, and who we are being in that moment.

Ceremony is the sacred art of imbuing any act with meaning by carrying it out with great intention and attention.

We bring to ceremony all our memories, connections and emotions, our experience of life. In ceremony, we set intention to create a safe space for the exploration and evolution of our lives, a space of recalibration. It is a way of inviting ourself to our own healing, to bring through the life we came here to live. It is important to realise that others can trigger our healing abilities, however, our healing is always internal, from our self.

When the power of set, setting, intention and attention align it creates a powerful energetic container which shifts us into a liminal state of consciousness and we connect intimately with the sacred essence of life. Here, we can experience the pure expression of creation and entropy—the source, oneness, the universal frequency, the place in-between lives, the harmony of natural law, the rapture of spirit. Here, we dance and sing, laugh and cry with the divine.

Ceremonial settings connect us to the rituals and structure from ancient cultures and lineages. Feel your own ancestors and helping spirits walking with you, sharing the knowledge and wisdom of their own spiritual practices.

To choose to be here is to take advantage of a golden opportunity, to become aware of what is on your mind, what you are hiding, and what is hiding you. To be united with your true spiritual nature and bring through your gifts to share for the greater good. Here, you enter the space of creation, a place where everything is accepted, loved and welcomed. Here, you find your true home, your constellation, your divinity. Your song.

Ceremony empowers you to find peace with what has been, what is, and what comes.

This is an invitation to believe in the power of ceremony and ritual. The more you connect and embed, the more powerful the incantation. Let your intention and attention become the flame that illuminates your path and guides you home.

Do ceremony your own way. Pray, move, play, cook, sensate, colour in the mundane, with the golden light of your ceremonial reverence.

As we created this ceremony, a sacred way appeared. Our ancients honoured time in cycles of 40 days. This very special container of time is the perfect rhythmic measure of the passing of a solar year.

An ancient map of the stars known as the Nebra Sky Disk found in Germany, dated to three and a half millennia ago has 40 holes punched around the perimeter and was used to count the days. Early scribes of the Egyptians show them honouring this metre and they say it mirrors the lifestyle of the gods. The calendar used by the early Israelites counts in 40 days.

It is found in many sacred texts and practices. In the Hebrew Bible, forty is often used for time periods. Islam Masih ad-Dajjal roams the Earth for forty days. In the Christian Bible, Noah survived the Great Flood lasting 40 days and 40 nights. It is the period of time Moses stayed on the mountain of God, and the time in between the crucifixion and the ascension of Jesus.

The word quarantine is derived from the early Italian quaranta giorni, meaning 40 days.

The practice of fasting in the Hindu system called ‘Mandala Kalam’ means a period of 40 days. Jesus prayed and fasted for 40 days, now remembered, and practiced as lent. The Pagan, Eastern European and Christian Filipino mourning tradition is based on a belief that the souls of those who have passed continue to wander the earthly plane for forty days before entering the afterlife.

On this earthly plane for forty days and forty nights, this ceremony will hold you to explore, expand, process, and make choices supporting the embodiment of your desired shifts.

Our medicine is to support everybody, every day, to play and pray their own way. This pure state of playfulness and prayer remembers our true nature, our elevated highest being. The discovering of who we truly are—our personal evolution—brings with it powerful, positive change. It shifts what we believe which in turn creates a shift in how we think and behave. We recognise our lives as sacred, give attention to our healing and free our spirits to bring our medicine and gifts to share for the good of all. A conscious life connected to and in service contributing to all existence. This is the change we want to see in the world. It is the way that minds our life.

We are ceremonialists. Caring for these sacred transformations is at the heart of our calling. We are guardians in service to acts of ceremony, taking care of seekers with reverence and respect as they guide themselves home.

The crow is the pray. The circus is the play. The ceremony is the way.

Our body of work has come from many years of the crow flying around collecting shiny things. It is a merging of our own integration of many-a-ceremony, and our work in service supporting others before, during and after life-changing experiences.

This work draws on our work with masters of ceremonial craft, many suns life coaching and mentoring life coaches, a great variety of ideas, rites of passage facilitation, deep personal development, different techniques and experience in the creation and delivery of intensive personal development programs.

Thank you to all our teachers and guides, for their knowledge, approaches, models, processes and practices. We are grateful for the ancestors and spirits that helped us along the way.

We will hold you as you remember your light.

 In loving service

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