A moment of silence

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we observe a minute of prayer, where we remove our hats, and we bow our heads in reverence. We take a moment to silently contemplate and reflect those who served for our freedom. The Fallen.

A Mother’s Blessing

A Mother’s Blessing is a uniquely curated ceremony to bless the beautiful mother-to-be as she brings through a new soul. This is a rite of passage to motherhood passed down from generation to generation and celebrates the pregnancy and becoming a mother.

“Every Day”

I don’t believe that faith is a gun you shoot and run aimed at just anyone. The time, the time has come. Don’t forget to play, every day, every single day. Don’t listen to what they say, pray your own way, every day, every single day.

Journalling is medicine

To journal is to journey within. It is a way of expressing and releasing how we are thinking, how we are feeling, how we are praying and how we are playing. What is important shows up on the pages of our journal and it can be a powerful healing process and an especially great companion for any transformational experiences.

Play and pray your own way

For us, ceremony is medicine, and ceremony is any activity carried out with heartfelt attention and intention. An activity which speaks deeply to one person may not speak as deeply to others, and that is exactly why diversity in the way we play and pray is the key to understanding, acceptance and connection, with yourself, and others.

Sacred guest Fi Gallaway

We are honoured to announce our sacred guest for opening ceremony! Fi will guide us to awaken the creative power of our breath, deepening our connection to our inner truth. Join the circle on the first full moon to consciously craft your decade ahead.

Sacred guest Naomi Berg

We are honoured to announce our first sacred guest! Naomi Berg of Purple Skirt will bring her body magic, sharing a ritual of the senses and deep body awakening. Join the circle on the first full moon to consciously craft your decade ahead.

2020 Rhythm

 Welcome 2020. The eternal cosmic dance between the sun, the moon and the earth has a huge energetic effect on us. This is why it has always been that?ceremonies have been planned around solar and lunar events.

Dream Weaving – gratitude

Today was a day filled with magic and playfulness. A day for the heart. A day when we invited hard reason to take a break and imagination and playfulness to step in. My first chance to drum for a group in an active dreaming workshop in Australia, in a beautiful location, inmidst of nature, on sacred land that belonged to many generations of dreaming aboriginal people whose energies can still be felt today.


Do not stand By my grave, and weep. I am not there, I do not sleep— I am the thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints in snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle, autumn rain. As you awake with morning’s hush, I am the swift, up-flinging rush. …

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