2020 Rhythm

The eternal cosmic dance between the sun, the moon and the earth has a huge energetic effect on us. This is why it has always been that ceremonies have been planned around solar and lunar events.

Welcome 2020.

With awareness of the rhythm of the moon and the journey of the sun you can create lasting heightened energy in your home and your work.

Our rhythm calendar plots the new and full moons. Each new moon we gather in circle to renew our promises. On the full moon we take time to take care.

Other key notes in our rhythm are summer and winter solstice (longest and shortest days) and autumn and spring equinox (day and night are equal lengths). We have planned our seasonal events to align with these dates:


The Breathe

an exhale and release ceremony in autumn.


The Gift

a 3-day winter ceremony reflecting
and magnifying your divine gift.


The Circus

a 3-day tribal circus in spring celebrating rebirth, family and connection.


The Dance

radiate and celebrate our year on the summer solstice.



Eclipses happen at new and full moons when the sun, moon and earth line up exactly. It is said that a portal between worlds opens with the first eclipse and closes with the second – and they can help us rise.

LUNAR (full moon) eclipse is the light that shines to great depths and in 2020 falls on 11 JAN | 06 JUN | 05 JUL | 30 NOV.

SOLAR (new moon) eclipse sets fire to intention setting. This year they fall on 21 JUN | 15 DEC.

Mercury retrograde is like a shake up—a time to rework, revise and refine. In 2020, the retrogrades are 17 FEB to 10 MAR | 18 JUN to 12 JUL | 14 OCT to 3 NOV.

There are other auspicious dates like super moon, blood moon, dark moon and blue moon. There are crystals that align and astro signatures and keywords too. Visit tiarne.com.au—she is a ⚡️rock-star-gazer.

In numerology, 2020 is a universal master Number 2️⃣2️⃣ year—from what I have read, a very spiritual and energetic year about finding peace through balance. It is the year of the metal rat which is the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac and is about new beginnings.

Let 2020 be our most honest gift to ourselves, and the year of clear vision. 

Thank you. We love you.

 In loving service

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