A ceremony to close the decade

Take time tomorrow to gather your tribe and conduct a simple closing ceremony. Make space, explore, clarify, clear and celebrate the decade past. Find the treasure buried in the past and generate momentum for your magnificent future.


An ancient practice that activates our intentions and our spaces. You can use sound, fire, smoke, water and mists, and plant life using flowers and herbs. Move around the space and around your own being radiating your intention. Breathe the space and make it your sanctuary for this ceremony.

Build an altar

The sacred centre of ceremony marking the beginning and the end. Place your special objects thoughtfully on an altar to physically represent your thoughts, plans, ideas, spirits or dreams. Call on the directions to help you find the way to what you need. Dedicate the altar to your intentions for this closing ceremony.

Invite your spirit helpers

Invite and humbly ask for guidance from all your spirit helpers and ancestors.


Look back and reflect on your decade you are closing. What changed? What did you take care with? What did you celebrate? What/who did you love? What did you heal? What do you give thanks for? What are you leaving and what are you taking?

Explore the decade

If you have the time, go deeper and explore who have you been? How connected have you been? How have you taken care of yourself? Have your spaces served you? Have you been living on purpose? How have you expressed your self? What have you been rich in? What has been your (r)evolution?

Release and clear

In the closing of this 10-year cycle, shine a light on anything that can be released that is holding you back. You can record this or draw this on a piece of paper and bury it, or burn it (being careful to contain the fire) or release it via your breath into a stone and then drop it into a container of water. Howl to the moon if you want. Some people dance it out. This process is not always peaceful. Stay with it until you feel relief. Breathe and give thanks for all that has passed.


It’s time to dream a new dream. Drape this process in gratitude and invoke and create space for the next decade. Let your mind take flight and open to the realm of boundless and beautiful possibility. What fun are you going to have? What do you want to experience? Who do you want around you? What are you being called to create? What is your gift to the world? Now prepare to live it!

Close and celebrate

Thank the directions who showed the way, the elements that connect us, our spirit helpers and ancestors who guide and guard us and those who gathered with you. Play your favourite celebration song and dance hard.

Be creative and conduct your own version of this ceremony—it will be most powerful done your own way.

It is time to close this decade.

 In loving service

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