Goodness Gracious Granola

I am grateful for Granola

This year a staple in our pantry has become my “goodness gracious granola”. Our pantry is largely whole foods—like bottles of stuff—so to make granola is the perfect way to cycle through all these glorious bits and pieces.

Granola is a gigantic super-hero food! Munch it naked, sprinkle on fruit, top your pancakes, and the marriage with coconut yogurt and berries is epic.

To celebrate a great year I thought I would gracefully and gladly gift this glorious godlike granola to the people we have worked with through the year. To make a gift with gushes of love is a truly gorgeous gesture…so I set about making the greatest grandest granola.

I sourced local amazing ingredients mostly organic.

Goodness Gracious Granola

Sacred Cocoa
Rolled oats
Hemp seeds
Maple syrup
Coconut oil
Pecan nuts
Goji berries
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Golden sultanas
Dried mango
Dried pineapple
Orange rind
Chocolate coconut slivers
Cocoa nibs

To make it is pretty easy. You mix everything except for the cacao nibs together. Don’t make it too moist, so go easy on the coconut oil. Bake it stirring a couple of times until it starts to colour. I packed my gifts into glass bottles I had.

I thought about calling it CROWnola but that was too weird! Goodness gracious was a saying my nana used and I love it because it is a beautiful way of exclaiming. There are still a few bottles under the tree – if you are keen DM Crow Circus and you may have some Christmas breakfast gloriousness coming your way.

Next mission: create a no nut version.

 In loving service

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