So much gratitude

We love Sandra Ingerman’s work with ceremony and truly believe it is this reverent coming together in sacred circle that allows us to touch the soul of things.

So much gratitude for those amazing souls who gathered for our opening ceremony.

Naomi @PurpleSkirt shared with us a divine senses ritual that opened our spirits through the gateway of the body. Fi @NourishedSpace, supported by Naomi and Mark, conducted deep and transformative breathwork–-it was literally out of this world.

We rain danced and the heavens opened. We shared our intentions and the heavens answered. We shared a delicious supper while Mark sang medicine songs. 

Thank you Sue @Plant Empire—your space is truly magnificent. Thank you Meagan for giving us a hand and being your beautiful energy.

Crow Circus has taken flight for 2020 in spectacular fashion and we are already planning our next gathering – stay tuned!

 In loving service

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