Connecting to the ceremony


a quiet place, preferably in nature
a ceremonial flame
a leaf or flower
a glass of water
your sacred journal + scribing tools
to fully surrender
music—We thank Liquid Bloom for creating the ceremonial sound piece Ceremony of the Heart

Bing! The ceremony has begun.

We invite you to join this ceremony by lighting your ceremonial flame. This flame binds us in this sacred space that has been lovingly prepared. Look deeply into the flame and connect with the spirit of the dancing fire. As we ignite this journey—this sacred rite of passage—we observing the rising and setting of the sun. We invite this fiery star as our power and strength, this agent of change, connecting all life and shining light where it is needed. We take action and put our souls to work.

Like the ever-present sun, may we rise and fall into this ceremony with presence, elevating our connection to the sacredness of life. In this state beyond our normal thinking, we are our own guidance, our own wisdom, the creators and curators of our own exquisite masterpiece.

May we fire up.

Picking up our leaf or flower, we stand and take our attention to our feet, connect with the earth beneath. As we stand tall on Mother Earth, feel your roots running deep into her heart, into the foundations and the wisdom of those who came before us. As we are called to integrate our experience, we call on the spirit of the earth to ground us, to nourish us through our roots. To allow us to take what we have learnt into our body, into our everyday lives, and into our tribes, bringing strength to this foundation for all.

Etched upon the earth are the paths we carve connecting our profound experience to our daily life. Here also, the earth expresses itself as plants, take a moment to embrace the wonder of the piece of nature you hold in your hand. Feel the presence and balance of standing strong in this heartbeat with what we now believe and how we now behave. With all the earth’s strength and courage pouring up through your feet. Feel the harmony. The resolve. The shift. The change we have longed for. How shall we dance in celebration of Gaia’s gifts?

May we stand tall, rooted in the earth. 

Turning our attention to our oceans and lakes, rivers, and billabongs, we connect with the sacred spirit of water. Water is reflective. Water is memory, our inner remembering, the holder of intention. Pick up your glass of water, pour your love and intention into it, and then take a drink, feel how it flows into your being and magnifies your energy. Consciously hydrate. Consciously change the form of the water crystal with our attention and intention. Commune with water.

On this journey, may the water spirit immerse us in a choreography of connection, reflection, creation, and practice, creating wholeness, as water does, quickly filling gaps and wounds in our story. Allow the levelling. Allow the runoff.

The energy of this ceremony flows through our life, through our body, through our thoughts as old currents submerge, and new currents emerge. Express. Feel. Release. Birth. Intuit. Be aware of our emotions. Express, give a voice to our souls, paint them, dance them, sing them. Invite the spirit of water to flow.

We draw on the nature of water to bind. Just as droplets come together to form a greater droplet, may all present in this ceremony pool together. Each experience is different, as is each integration. A very personal occurrence. For some, it is the soul work we do after an experience of the divine. For some, it is finding our footing on the unsteady ground of everything we thought we knew. For some, it is reconnecting to parts of ourselves that laid dormant or outcast. For others, it is simply experiencing our feelings. It is our own mysterious journey.

May we stay in flow.

Take a deep breath. Think all the way into that breath. Take another breath deep into your body. Feel the spirit of air connecting you to the force of life. And another. So simple. So subtle.

As we draw in our breath, we call upon the spirit of air as our intelligence for this integration¾our attention, our intention, the insight into what we believe and how we behave. This work is done in the subtle realm. Follow your breath, go within, allow yourself to go on this journey. Explore your inner world. Pay careful attention along the way to what you think and do. Ideas, flashes of images, messages, downloads, dreaming, imagining, spirits, guidance, voices, what you feel in your body, what you know intuitively.

Let your breath bring you back into your space. Open your journal and take a moment to record what you experienced¾this is where the discoveries are. Things are amped up after a life changing experience, and you will need to be attentive to filter what is significant, and what isn’t. A practice of journaling assists with this filtering. You will capture much wisdom and guidance in your journal.

Make it your intention to dedicate yourself every day and every night to this ceremonial process. Clear your schedule, reserve the time and space to make the most of these reflections and rituals. As part of this ceremony, we will invoke our daily practice. Our devotion to our daily practice fans the flames of our intention and supports our journey ahead. Be guided by your heart. Hold this ceremony as sacred. The deep song of our life.  

May we follow our breath within. May we become one with our life force.

Now take your gaze up into the sky, and then beyond, into the cosmos. Feel the blessing in this very moment, as we connect to the spirit of everything. Our most potent medicine. Our pure divine magic. Our best recipes. Our epic creations. Our most capable. Our highest version. Our unconditional love. Our true nature. Our Great Spirit.

All of life is made up of these elements—fire, earth, water, air, spirit.

In this atmosphere, we are all close relations. Our sacred records are held safe for all time. We connect to the beings who reside in the ether. Our helping spirits. Our higher spirits. The original souls. The custodians. Our ancestors. We welcome this sacred family to join us around our fire. We invite spirit to dance with us.

This ceremony is a holy space. A place of devotion and honour to ourselves, free of judgement. Allow your own heart and intuition to lead you. Trust that everything you have lived and experienced has led you to this exact place and moment. You have everything you need within you, trust yourself and explore gracefully. This journey is deep, profound, and beautiful. It is a path to wisdom.  

With intention and attention, we open this ceremony.


 In loving service

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