Let the altars shine

  “Wherever an altar is found,
there civilization exists. 

Joseph de Maistre

This is an invitation to create an altar dedicated to play and pray every day.

Our altar is our power point—the sacred centre of our ceremonial space. It marks the beginning and end points of the ceremony and imbues every action with meaning and power. It gives form to the formless and physically represents the divine. It is a beacon, drawing in powerful spiritual energies. It grounds and stabilises these forces then radiates them out into the space creating a vortex for us to use during our work.

We connect with all the people who have ever come together in this sacred way by taking the moment to recognise and invoke the sacredness of life, what was, what is, and what we call to be.

When objects with meaning are thoughtfully placed on an altar to physically represent thoughts, plans, ideas, or dreams—which by their very essence are invisible—this gives substance to our intentions, reflecting back to us our internal landscape. The outer reflects the inner. Our mind operates from images, and our discernment and translation of objects gives rise to feelings that flood the energetic pathways running through our body.

By playing and praying at our altar we practice exploring and connecting using our intuitive senses. We tune in, feeling the spirit of the altar calling to our spirit and this energetic alignment powers up the ceremonial vortex we are cocreating.

Our altar can be as simple as a candle lit with great intention. A beautiful cloth can be laid down first, for all the objects to be laid upon. Lay your altar cloth down with an intention for it to serve as the foundation of your work. See it as the spiritual vessel holding and infusing, with love and gratitude, all the magical ingredients of the ceremonial meal you are preparing to cook.

The choices are near endless, the important ingredient is meaning. Any heartfelt, appreciated objects which you feel will support your integration. You can choose elements that honour your connection to nature and objects, pictures, and family heirlooms that connect you to loved ones, ancestors and helping spirits, and it is the perfect place for your journal to reside.

We have seen altars honouring smudge sticks, cones, oils, water, mist and vapours, shells honouring water spirit, plant life, leaves, flowers, herbs, stone people natural and carved, crystals, feathers inviting the spirit of air, tarot and oracle cards and runes, musical instruments, handwritten messages, invitations to spirits, jewellery, symbols, mantras, candles, figures, deities, directions, inspired images, photos, memorabilia. You can put representations of your sacred projects on your altar.

Some people choose to create their altars in the corner of a room, or at the centre, on a table, or a shelf on a bookcase, in the car (we have seen some excellent dashboard altars), even virtual altars on a device. Some altars, found in nature, are perfect as they are. The gift here is that you may have as many as you like. It is great to hold a space near your altar where you can play music and dance or reflect and just be.

The Crow Circus website is ceremonial medicine – an activated altar powered by acceptance, connection, exploration, communication, and communion. The words and images we use across the site are chosen with intention – as intentions. The site is, in and of itself, a spell; an invitation for us to embrace ceremony as medicine and continue exploring every day, how we play and pray our own way.

The Crow Circus website is ceremonial medicine – an activated altar powered by acceptance, connection, exploration, communication, and communion. The words and images we use across the site are chosen with intention – as intentions. The site is, in and of itself, a spell; an invitation for us to embrace ceremony as medicine and continue exploring every day, how we play and pray our own way.

We can create altars that are dedicated to a particular purpose and have a “shelflife” dismantling it at the end. It serves as as a physical representation of your commitment to your purpose for this altar. In this sanctuary, anything can come to the surface and be released, leaving space for new growth. Where you can practice your living, conscious connection with the sacredness of life and receive guidance from your own inner wisdom. Learn how to comfortably be in this space, how to give to, and receive from, it. Be in conversation with this channel. Intuit. Consider, what is sacred space for you?

Activating your altar

Choose, clear, and bless a comfortable, powerful, dedicated sacred place for your altar. It could have great resonance to place your altar in the sanctum you cleared and set back in your set and setting process. Gather your objects using your heart to guide you. Create your altar remembering that it is not to please anyone but you. Place everything intentionally, consciously, and with reverence. Intend for each object to be meaningful to you.

The care we give to our altar is symbolic of our intentions. It is the point and source of our inspiration, reminding us of our daily commitment to our intentions. It is a fluid expression. It’s a great way to integrate into life all the valuable lessons you are learning about yourself through your work.

Play at your altar

Quite literally, play here. Give it your boundless, joyful attention. Dance around it, sing to it, play music to it. Bring flowers and gifts from nature. Talk to the objects, listen to them, see and feel the spirits also playing here. Feel free to move things around. Your mindset and your intention can change as your altar does. Clean your space with a smile, with love, as you would clean your spirit. All these generous, playful acts connect you to your inner child and reinforce the feeling that it is okay to play every day. To give thanks with joy, and to give power to your wishes. The interpretive dance of devotion to your dreams and desires! 

Pray at your altar

Our most ancient, most powerful modality¾prayer¾when led by our hearts, filled with gratitude and humility, they lift us instantly out of our thinking minds, out of our ego, out of our limiting beliefs. Pray for grace. Pray with grace. It is not important how we label these direct conversations with the divine, prayers, blessings, meditation, or reflection, this spiritual exchange can exist outside of any religious framework. Surrender to the deep knowing that you welcome the support of something bigger than you to create the change you want to see. Send a humble message and be open to receive miracles.

Create a daily routine of altar time that deepens your alignment and connection in a meaningful way. This is an example of a movement prayer we practice daily before our altar. We send all our love and gratitude to our friend Antonia, an amazing woman from the Tiwi Islands, who shared the seeds of this prayer with us.

A daily ritual guesture

As the moon fades,
facing the rising sun
before the vast cosmos above
we begin this day.
What messages do you bring from the dreamtime?
May we bring our attention to this moment.

As we attend to this day,
we find our centre
and hold our hands in prayer.
For this epic adventure,
we take a breath inward,
gathering all the goodness into our being.
All the energy necessary to master our challenges.

Holding this sacred breath,
we bow our heads with gratitude
for the privilege of our life.
This human soul 
on this sacred journey.
Thank you for my life.
Feel the wave of existence wash over you.

We release our breath outward
infused with the energy
of our gratitude and devotion.
A wish for all beings’ happiness.
We attend to the breath again.
A conscious breath.
And again. And again.
Breathe like the waves coming
and going on the shore.
Count 40 waves of breath.

Moving our hands to our heads,
we attend to our thoughts.
May we think good thoughts.
May we think up wonderful things.
May we replace judgement
with thoughts of compassion and love.
In this moment, we thank our thoughts.

Moving our hands to our eyes,
we attend to our sight.
May we see the good in the world.
May we see the not so good.
May we have awareness.
May we witness positive change.
May we see the places to laugh.
May we see ways to play.
In this moment, we thank our sight.

Moving our hands to our ears,
we attend to our listening.
May we tune our ears to hear the beauty.
May we listen with reverence.
May we hear the messages.
In this moment, we thank our listening.

Moving our hands to our mouth,
we attend to our voice.
May we freely express ourselves.
May we speak our truth.
May we laugh and cry loudly.
Our statements create our reality
Loving and empowering language.
In this moment, we thank our voice.

Moving our hands over our chest,
we attend to our heart.
May we love. May we be loved.
May we speak from the heart.
In this moment, we thank the love in our hearts.

Moving our hands over our belly.
we attend to our intuition.
May we feel the stored emotions.
May we flow with intuition.
May we trust our gut.
May we nourish in the way of our ancestors.
In this moment, we thank our knowing.

Moving our hands to our thighs,
we attend to our walk.  
May we walk our talk.  
May we intuit where to walk.
In this moment,
we thank the power
and freedom of our walk.

Moving our hands to our feet,
we attend to our connection.
May we stay grounded.
May we stay connected.
We hear her speak.
May we stand with confidence.
In this moment,
we thank Mother Earth
and flow with her natural laws.

Moving our hands to our back,
may we sense our helpers.
May our tribe have our back.
In this moment,
we thank our community.

Moving our hands out
feel the freedom.
Feel the peak of energy.
Lift your arms and take up space.

Breathe the deepest breath,
tightening your abdomen and stomach
forcing the breath to your higher being.
Let it flush your mind
and sparkle through your eyes.
Feel your humble strength.

Now spin in your intention.

May our challenges become adventures.

May we move our dreams into reality.

May we reach our greatest potential.
The utmost of joy.
Feel it now.
There is nothing else to do.

I take responsibility
for the creation of my life.
I shine my light.

Feel your body from the inside.
Feel it working together.

Feel it clicking together
with the universal sacred geometry.
Create this as a signature for the day.

As we attend to this day,
we centre our posture
and hold our hands in prayer.

We connect with all those
praying and playing.
We breathe this breath together.

I have everything I need.
We have everything we need.




  I won’t look back, I won’t look back.
Let the altars shine.


 In loving service

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