Dream Weaving – gratitude

 Today was a day filled with magic and playfulness. A day for the heart. A day when we invited hard reason to take a break and imagination and playfulness to step in. My first chance to drum for a group in an active dreaming workshop in Australia, in a beautiful location, inmidst of nature, on sacred land that belonged to many generations of dreaming aboriginal people whose energies can still be felt today.

Thank you, Karen and Mark for bringing us together and planting the seeds for another community of conscious dreamers.

And thank you, Robert Moss, for bringing dreaming into my life and for teaching me and so many others how to dream together a world that is a wiser, more conscious and compassionate place. You were in our minds, hearts and dreams today

It is one of my dreams that, before long, you’ll be drumming with us here too. Feeling grateful.

Alis Anagnostakis

Picture of crowcircus